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Welcome To Mystic Beats

free binaural beatsSound is vibration as is everything that exists visible and invisible. From the tinest atom to the largest galaxy all is vibration as can be understood by the fact that electrons are always moving and vibrating, popping in and out of existence. Matter itself came into existence through sound vibration: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God..." (*Side Note)

Thought waves and emotions are also sound vibrations. Our body can be affected by the vibrations of our thoughts and emotions, positive or negative.

How Sound Frequencies Affect Form
In the following video, sand and other particles are placed on a metal plate vibrating different cymatic sound frequencies which rearrange the sand into geometric patterns. With each change of sound frequency the patterns change accordingly.

CLICK HERE To Watch A 3 Part Movie About Cymatic Sound Frequency Formations

If sound frequencies can do such things, imagine the impact spiritual frequencies, if you open to them and don't shut them out, can have on your consciousness and life.

Music and Vibration

Sound, either as music, musical notes or chanting, also vibrates and impacts the way we feel. has innovative music products that can help bring you to a relaxing, peaceful state of mind, thus making you more receptive to refined spiritual frequencies where healing occurs.

People love music. Music changes our mood because when we are exposed to various types of music (or sound frequencies within the music) our brainwaves synchronize with those sound frequencies after a period of time and therefore altar our mood. specializes in brainwave music (music designed to alter brainwaves) that can have a poweful affect on the listener.

Our brainwave music is a type of music that guides your mind into targeted dominating brainwaves - such as beta, alpha, theta, or delta by means of listening to music, nature sounds or ambient sounds embedded with binaural beats or isochronic tones (to name the most popular).

For example, if we are exposed to a dominant alpha sound frequency from, say, listening to soothing brainwave relaxation music, our brainwaves will follow that alpha frequency, and thus induce relaxation.

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